Tuesday, June 12, 2018

SavvyAuthors is doing - Hot Summer’s Pitchfest from June 13 - June 16

If you are an author and are currently looking to pitch your book? Then this is an event for you. If you are not ready to pitch yet but will be in the future. Then I would at least check out their Pitch Rules page. On it they give the most basic, easy, example on how to write a 3 line pitch. Not only will this great example help you with their event but will also help you with any pitching that you do. After finding out about their event. I reached out to SavvyAuthors, and they sent me the information below about them, their pitch event and about their director.

About SavvyAuthors

At Savvy Authors we strive to provide the best tools, classes, and networking opportunities for authors in all stages of their writing careers, from aspiring novelists to multi-published authors.We at SavvyAuthors are committed to developing a community that embraces:
·          Mentoring and sharing of knowledge and expertise among our members. 

·          Fun and respectful competition in the pursuit of writerly excellence. 

·          High quality opportunities for publication, promotion and advancement. 

·          A strong writer’s support network. 

How SavvyAuthors Started:
Savvy Authors started with a simple conversation between two writers… 

How could writers at various stages of their career help one another to achieve their goals? 

Whether it be promoting their new release or finding a way to break through chapter three on their first book, the idea was to create a website where authors could network and gain motivation through workshops, chat rooms and online tools. Discussions included what workshops would be of the greatest benefit to members, how to use a community of authors to boost published author sales as well as help those who have yet to find a home for their book – and even those writers who are still in the stages of finishing their book. 

Our hope is we’ve created a web home for writers that will help navigate that crazy road to publication, and to keep those who have already traveled that road stay on track. Fun and informative, there’s something for everyone here at Savvy Authors. 

The new world of publication is changing faster than any one person can keep up. Having a community that you can rely on with a diverse group of writers from a variety of genres can help provide the edge that each of us needs to achieve our publication dreams. And while we’re doing that we can help others achieve their dreams, too. 

And that is what Savvy Authors is all about: Writers helping Writers. It may be learning to critique better and thereby improving your own self-editing skills, or by helping someone in our chat room untangle a plot snarl. Each time we help one another, everyone learns and improves. And for our published authors who tirelessly give back to their fellow writers, when each has a book nearing release, we cheer him or her on, create a buzz through social networking tools, and help promote the book with a blog tour system and site promotions. It’s all here, no matter what your publication status. Savvy Authors: writers helping writers.
We’d love to hear from you!

Leslie Dow

SavvyAuthors Director 

New and Exciting Changes Coming!

And by “we” I mean all of us who work here, volunteer here and learn here. SavvyAuthors has been where many of us met good friends, made industry connections,  and learned the essential skills that launched writing careers. 

But just like we grow as authors, SavvyAuthors needs to grow, too. That’s why this summer we are rolling out some pretty spiffy new changes for SavvyAuthors! 

SavvyAuthors is getting a new look, a new feel, and some GREAT new features. We’re keeping our best classes and adding new ones. Adding new events and updating all the old favorites!  For starters, We’ve already launched our Speed Dating for Crit Partners in January, and it was so well received that we are doing a new session starting in July. We know that getting ready for NaNo month can be hard and we’re working on a new event to make sure you are ready to go on NaNovember 1. 

But wait! There’s more!

In about two weeks (around June 20) you are going to see some changes. Some I’ll discuss here and some, well, you’ll have to wait to learn more about those. 

We’ve been thinking of ways to make our site more useful. We’ve asked, “what other things do we need to do to help all of us in our writing careers?” After all, Dawn, RJ and I are all hardworking authors just like you. And just like you, we’re taking the plunge into Indie Publishing. So, this summer we are launching a new complete site upgrade with a major new feature to support indie authors. And we’ve taken a good look around and are adding improvements to make the site prettier and easier to use. 

About Hot Summer’s Pitchfest - June 13 -June 16
How this whole Pitchfest thing works…

·       Post your three-line pitch as a comment on our blog

·       Nope, no registration is required.

·       Nope, you do not have to be a SavvyAuthors member. (But it is free…)

·       Lastly, please review the Pitch Rules before pitching. 


·       Jordy Albert, Agent, The Booker Albert Agency
·       Dawn Dowdle, Agent, Blue Ridge Literary Agency, LLC
·       Mark Gottlieb, Agent, Trident Media Group, LLC
·       Cate Hart, Agent, Corvisiero Literary Agency
·       Jill Marsal, Founding Partner, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
·       Lynnette Novak, Associate Agent at The Seymour Agency
·       Kelly Peterson, Junior Literary Agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency
·       Ella Marie Shupe, Literary Agent, Belcastro Agency

Editors & Publishers:

·       Char Chaffin, Senior Acquiring Editor for Soul Mate Publishing
·       Laura Costello, Assistant Editor for Sourcebooks Casablanca 

·       Tera Cuskaden, Editor for Entangled Publishing
·       Literary Wanderlust
·       Carrie Lofty, Freelance Acquiring Editor at Carina Press
·       Heidi Shoham, Editorial Director at Entangled Publishing
·       Tule Publishing
·       Cheryl Yeko, Senior Acquiring Editor for Soul Mate Publishing 

About Leslie Dow, SavvyAuthors Site Director 

Leslie is:
1.      The site director and owner of SavvyAuthors.com where she sits behind the curtain most days turning interweb knobs and twisting network dials.
2.      A complete and total slacker-writer who, if she does not get off her laurels and WRITE, is going to be flayed by the very talented writers who keep SavvyAuthors going.
3.      A rabid hiker who, when not on the trail, pours over the REI catalog, Sierra Trading Post website, and tries to justify buying more gear to shave another 1/2 ounce off her base pack weight.
4.      A medical device consultant who, when not hiking or thinking about hiking, occasionally works helping companies bring exceptionally cool and useful medical devices to market.
5.      A biology and chemistry Adjunct Professor at SouthMountain Community College. GO COUGARS!
6.      An enthusiastic grandmother of the two cutest babies on the planet!!!!
OK, I’m out..time to sort the latest crisis is to afflict SavvyAuthors  ;-).

Follow Leslie on Twitter @lesliedow, Facebook lesliedow, and LinkedIn lesliedow.

I hope this information was helpful, and always.
Happy Reading and Writing Everyone.
G. D. Talbot

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