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A couple of months ago I submitted my short story Good American Kids to Gremlin Creative and yesterday they published it on their website. I wanted to give some background on where the story comes from. Over 3 years ago and way before Trump announced that he was running for president. I told my wife I wanted to write a short story. She told me that I should write something positive about Muslims. At the time all news having to do with Muslims was about Muslim Terrorist organizations. This made me remember back before 911, I worked in office and computer supplies. I knew and often talked with Muslims that were either business owners or running businesses. So I started wondering what would happen to one of them if they went to a small town, and they were hired to fix a company where the employees had been ripping off said company. How the employees that were caught and fired use racism to combat losing their jobs. Of course I wrote the story from the view point of a young boy and surrounded him with friends from different backgrounds.

If you are interested in reading my short story, Good American Kids, use the link below. It’s free to read and open to everyone.
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Good American Kids On Gremlin Creative

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