Monday, June 4, 2018

My First Published Book, Alien Racism

About 6 years ago I decided to start writing and because I’m not just in an interracial marriage but an international one as well. I have seen racism from many different kinds of people in my life and discovered that the most common racism is what I call situational racism. I wanted to share my views on this learned behavior but when I did research on how to start. I found that most books on racism fail because readers feel that the author is trying to be preachy or dictate how to feel on the subject. So I took my views and put them in a Science Fiction story about first contact with an alien race of beings. After finishing the book I realized that I had accomplished my goal but that I had also done something else. That I had written basically a Good Samaritan story with aliens. This led me down the path I am on now, writing Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy stories. 
Also when I first wrote Alien Racism it included a chapter on Sword Robert and what he does to help Tom. I felt that his part in the story didn’t really fit with the way I wanted the story to feel to the reader. So I cut it out and left a brief interaction between Tom and Sword Robert. But everyone that was reading Alien Racism kept asking the question, “Who is Sword Robert?” So I wrote the short story, The Legend of Sword Robert to be a companion story to Alien Racism. Then the reader could fully understand who Sword Robert was and who he is to Tom in Alien Racism. I was very happy with the mash up because while Alien Racism is about human behavior and racism. The Legend of Sword Robert is about friendships and how sometimes moments in our lives can bind us together. Both of these stories also show how the decisions we make from our experiences make us who we are.
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