Friday, September 14, 2018

My Interview with Richard M Polk

What is your name and/or pen name? 

Richard M Polk 

What genre do you write? 

Scfi/fantasy, poetry, whatever else the muse throws at me… 

What made you want to be a writer? 

I don’t know really, I was always into reading when I was young, my favorite authors are C.S Lewis, JR. Tolkien, Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov (just to name a few). I guess you can say that it was a professor at TC3 that originally got me into writing poetry. This is where my writing took off. Ironically, around this time is when my characters for my first novel were born. 

What do you use to keep yourself inspired while writing? 

Generally there are several different things, I usually do a journal entry before working on my daily writing, in a lot of ways, this is a free write, were no rules exist. Whatever comes out comes out. Also when writing, I let the story take over- as in the likest scenario, the seemingly impossible – is what I go for.

For instance, in the second world of Healing Disease (Penthesilea), I have a scene where the townsmen were clothes shopping for their wives (In this particular world, the gender roles were switched) while dressed in high heels, skirts and jewelry. The two male characters (Nosos and Old Man) are disgusted by what they see. The Old Man turns around too quickly and bumps into Symphony (who is the captain of the guard and also their tour guide). She scowls and shoves Old Man causing him to fall backwards. He would’ve hit the ground if Nosos hadn’t caught him. 

Now this was a minor incident and I had originally thought of doing it again in this particular world – but on a bigger scale. However as I thought about this, most likely while pushing a broom around at work, an image of an arena popped into my mind. I realized that if I was going to go big scale, why not blow it out of the park and have a gladiator arena where the men of Penthesilea, who displeased the wives fought to regain their favor.

This scene actually worked better than I thought it would and instantly became a hit when I shared it with the writing group I was attending at the time. 

Beyond this, I usually leave myself notes as I go along and always try to leave off at a point that I can easily pick up again the next day. 

How do you feel about the writing community as a whole? 

I feel that it is like every other community. You will have people who are generous and willing to help and then you will run across those who only do things if it benefits them. I’d honestly like to learn more about the writing community and promoting ones work. 

Have you or will you be willing to collaborate with other authors in the future? 

I’m always willing to collaborate with other authors. Before I moved back to NY, I was involved in Just write, which is a writing group that meets in Phoenixville PA 

Tell us about your book and if it’s upcoming or already published. 

Well I have two books out, Water Lily Pond, which is a book of poetry and Healing Disease, which is a scfi/fantasy novel. I also have the second installment of Healing Disease ready for final review as well as wrapping up the first draft of Crow (this is bound to continue into one or two more books). I also do a weekly blog, the most current are about Jillian adventures. 

As for my most current novel Healing Disease, here is the best way for me to describe it. 

Nosos, a US navy officer, awakens to find himself in a strange land. Desiring nothing but to return to his wife and daughter, Nosos learns from the White Wizard that he must travel with Tinnese, to the Black Wizards castle and complete the task given them. Along the way, they are joined by an android named Danny and Old Man, who rush him unconscious to the Black Wizards Castle after he foolishly explores a dangerous cave. There Nosos recovers and attends a banquet where he finds out from the Black Wizard that in order to return home, he must obtain seven keys from seven different worlds and return them to the Hall of Mirrors. Trouble arises when Nosos, Tinnese, Old Man and Danny enter the first world and retrieve the first key, which is a talking brain. In doing so they attract the attention of Crow, the self-proclaimed ruler of the six worlds and arch enemy of the One Who Saves. Can Nosos prevent himself and his team from self-destructing while avoiding the clutches of Crow’s razor sharp reach? 

Is your book or upcoming book an eBook, paperback, or both? 


Is this your first book? 


Are you planning to write more? 


Is there anything you would say to other writers, that want to write and publish a book? 

Don’t give up and when in doubt, just write. There is one thing that I’ve learned is that, if a rule of writing doesn’t work for you while you are writing, throw it out. It is your writing, you can do as you like with it. One other bit of advice, if possible find a writing group near you and join it, being in the presence of fellow writes and artist will not only help inspire you but will offer insight when it is needed the most. 

Where can my readers find your book and how they can follow you on social media? Leave only links that you want open to the public. 

I can also be found on FB 

Thank you Richard, I can tell from your answers that we have a similar inspirational process. When you said, “Whatever comes out comes out.” Made me think about when I say, “Anything and everything is possible when writing.”

If you would like to check out Richard’s books or follow him on social media, use the links above.

Happy Reading and Writing Everyone

G. D. Talbot

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