Friday, August 24, 2018

My Interview with Ian Clark

What is your name and/or pen name? 

I write under my real name Ian Clark 

What genre do you write? 

The one book written so far, is an autobiography, but the content would most likely come under paranormal. It would be preferable to say it is about life; no idea if there is such a genre. 

What made you want to be a writer? 

After a particularly bad episode of sleep paralysis it was horrifying to discover how badly  was dealt with by the medical profession. It was frustrating to discover some scientists are not really interested in truth, but their position in their elite club. Their skepticism and patronizing attitude obliged pen to paper. Also it’s possible other sufferers will gain a new insight into their condition, if it can be called that. 

What do you use to keep yourself inspired while writing? 

Life. There so much around us, if only we had eyes and ears, and sense to see
How do you feel about the writing community as a whole? 

A disparate bunch, all driven by different passions. The only thing they have in common is passion about their chosen subject. 

Have you or will you be willing to collaborate with other authors in the future? 

Possibly. Not something I have really thought about. Almost certainly we would need the same passionate interest in the subject matter. 

Tell us about your book and if it’s upcoming or already published. 

The book is called “4:26a.m.” and was published in 2015. It starts with a phone call in the middle of the night from hell, drawing upon facets of my life to fathom what happened and why. It looks at sleep paralysis “Hag phenomena”, ESP and language amongst other things. Sleep paralysis is when you wake up, someone is in the room with you, sometimes next to or even on top of you. You cannot speak or move, and are terrified; then you wake up properly. Looking at it logically I came to a different conclusion from science whose explanation doesn’t make sense and conveniently skips details. The book covers too many topics to get into detail here. Suffice to say it is intense. The greatest difficulty was in structuring the book. It felt like having to build a whole new science which interlinked with many other sciences. What to put where, what to omit. That all took the greatest effort. Once the structure was in place it flowed with relative ease. 

Is your book or upcoming book an eBook, paperback, or both? 

The book is in paperback, hardback and kindle versions. 

Is this your first book? 

This is my first book. 

Are you planning to write more? 

More books are planned, some fiction, others about the subject of dreams, and possibly one on the nature of the universe. There are books inside of me more than I can ever write. I teach yoga and would like to include aspects of it in some of the writing. 

Is there anything you would say to other writers, that want to write and publish a book? 

Whatever you do be passionate. Write because of your desire. Proof-read every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter. Get someone who doesn’t know you to proof-read it. They will be more honest with you than a friend. You probably need an editor, not just the spell checker that comes with your software. 

Where can my readers find your book and how they can follow you on social media? Leave only links that you want open to the public. 

The book can be found on Amazon ISBN 9781785074127. The software that deals with books for the publishing profession doesn’t like numbers or punctuation in the title. So best to use the ISBN. It can be ordered from any good bookshop. There are some good and thoughtful reviews on Amazon. Not everyone agrees, but no one has called me a nut (yet). Please add your own review.

There is a facebook account for the book

Some people follow me on my personal facebook

Also if anyone wishes to contact me directly
It’s always a pleasure to discuss the findings of the book. 

Thank you so much Ian, I agree with you when you said, “Whatever you do be passionate. Write because of your desire.” I have run across a lot of people saying they want to write a book while asking me for help on how to write it. When I ask what they want to write about or what their passion is for writing they have no answer. So I tell them to find their passion, and or desire, that they want to share with the world.

I hope everyone that is interested in Ian’s book; “4:26a.m.” will check it out with the link above. Also don’t forget to follow him on his social media accounts to keep up with any future works that he does.
As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
G. D. Talbot

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