Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Simple Hole Creative Writing Exercise

So I decided to share a creative exercise that I do, and that is to take everyday things and write about them. As you can see above we will be using this picture of a hole I came across on one of my walks. So from just looking at this picture write something about it. I gave myself different subject headings when coming up with different ways to write about it. You can do the same or come up with your own style but the point of the exercise is to see the hole in different creative ways.


The Demon finally made his way to the surface and would spend his days patiently waiting inside the small hole that led him to his freedom. The only thing he was missing now was a host to control. Then he could rise up to enforce his power and evil upon the world. After several weeks a couple put their young baby on the ground a few feet from the hole and then went to set up for a picnic. The baby slowly crawled over to the hole, and as soon as she reached it. The Demon quickly crawled up her arm, onto her neck, and into her ear.


The unicorn dug a small hole and laid her pink and purple egg into it. But before she could place a spell of invisibility on it, she heard a noise and started to trot off. As her trot turned into a gallop she quickly forgot about her egg. She didn’t realize that in her haste that she had forgotten the unicorns’ number one rule. That by not obeying it, she had just created the first unicorn to be seen by humans in the last 10,000 years, and that her inaction would come back to haunt her someday.


As George was walking he looked at the spot where he and his wife loved picnicking the year earlier. He smiled as he thought of the fun times they had and started planning to do the same again this year. Then he noticed that an animal had made a small hole and over turned some of the ground where they like to lay their picnic blanket. Suddenly he saw a flash of something sparkling in the hole. He went over and pulled what was making the light and saw that it was his wife’s ring that she had lost. His heart filled with joy as he imagined how happy she would be that he had found it.


As I was walking I saw a small hole and some dirt that had been dug up and over turned. I became cautious and very aware of my surroundings. Having spent most of my life in upstate NY, I knew who the likely culprit would be for making the hole, and I didn’t want to have to go home and take a tomato juice bath.

I hope this exercise was fun and helpful with getting your creative juices flowing or just to flex your imagination. If you would like to share what you came up with from this exercise, please put them in the comments. If you have your own creative exercises and would like to share on this blog, then email me at g_d_talbot@yahoo.com and put in the subject line. I want to submit an article about writing.
As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
G. D. Talbot

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