Friday, July 13, 2018

My Interview with Ignatius Fernandez

01) What is your name/or pen name?

Ignatius Fernandez. No pen name.

02) What genre do you write?

Mostly spirituality and religion. Also, relationships, parenting and corporate

03) What made you to be a writer?

When I was in a job, my colleagues and bosses commended my style of writing. When I retired I tried my hand at writing with modest success. Now, I write full-time, hoping that readers will reflect and initiate change.

04) How do you feel about the writing community, as a whole?

The number of writers is staggering. The output is prodigious. The genres are expanding. But the quality one associated with writers of old is missing in some way, although plots are intriguing. There is a compulsion to get published at any cost, leading to a proliferation of self-publishers, vanity publishers and the like. We need more traditional publishers who will screen writing to let better content in. The high-brow attitude of literary agents and big traditional publishers is discouraging. I hope all in the business realize that publishing is a partnership between authors and publishers. They need each other.

05) Have you or will you be writing to collaborate with other authors in the future?

So far I have not. In future I prefer not to.

06) Tell us about your book, and if it is upcoming or already published.

So far, I have published eight books. I have completed my ninth and tenth books. The last published book is: JESUS CHRIST, TRUE LEADER AND PERFECT GENTLEMAN. I have received some rave reviews. It is on sale. Instead of taking up space, I am giving you the link to my website that has information on my books, the latest in particular and some information on me.

07) Is your book or upcoming book an eBook, paperback or both?

My eighth book is available as eBook, paperback and hard cover. The audio book will be out in a few months.

08) Is this your first book?

As stated, I have published eight books.

09) Are you planning to write more?

As stated, my ninth and tenth book is ready. I am scouting for publishers.

10) Is there anything you would to say to other writers that want to write and publish a 

Yes. Be yourself. Try not to copy other writers, because they are famous. The reader wishes to read you. Try not to impress, but express yourself. Have a purpose in what you write. In your diction be simple, direct and easily understood.

11) Where can readers find your book and how can they follow you on social media?

My last book is available in book stores and online. Amazon retails the book as do some of the popular sites.
The links to my social media connections are given below:

Thanks Ignatius, I really enjoyed your responses. Especially about other writers being themselves. I have seen a lot of writers trying to copy what others have done, and then come out completely disliking their finished work.

I hope everyone will check out Ignatius's books and give them a try. 
As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone.
G. D. Talbot

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