Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Review of - Blues We Are All Concerned

My Review of – Blues We Are All Concerned by Katucia Moussongo Bitsaka.

 1 Star for writing and publishing a book
      ½ Star for cover
      ½ Star Interior Formatting
      ½ Star For Intro
      ½ Star For Book as a whole

I like what the author was going for with this book, but I found it had a flow problem. Also because of the flow problem I found it hard to keep up with the story and I’m still a little confused by parts of it. Just like all book reviews I do I give a star for being brave enough to write and publish a book. I liked the cover but I found a format issue so I had to give only a half star. Just like I have said before, most books I review have interior formatting problems, so I gave a half star for that. I enjoyed the subject matter but like I said above there was a flow problem hurting the intro and the overall story of the book. So I gave a half star for both of those. 

I wouldn’t recommend this book for anyone under 18, because there are definitely some situations that minors might find hard to understand or unsettling. But if you are a parent or guardian of a high school aged child. I would recommend you read this book first and if you decide that your child can handle it. Then I suggest for them to read it too. It would give them a higher understanding of how other people lives are, and open the discussion of how to overcome difficult situations. 

3 out of 5 Stars 

Thank you Katucia for sharing your book, Blues We Are All Concerned, with me; I enjoyed the book over all and look forward to your future books. If you would like to learn more about Katucia, you can read my interview with her by clicking here and if you would like to check out or purchase Blues We Are All Concerned, click here. 

As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone,

G. D. Talbot

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