Sunday, June 10, 2018

I Discuss My Book, When Hell's Bats Attack

So it’s Sunday again and I am going to be getting ready for church. I thought I would share my wife’s favorite book that I have written, When Hell’s Bats Attack, with you. I found it funny that my wife liked this book so much because I wrote the story for my two young nephews. They had challenged me to write a book with a lot of action and fighting. So I wrote this story like I was writing an action hero movie but I made the hero someone that you wouldn’t expect. A man that is middle aged, weapon crazy, an ex-womanizing drunk. So when my wife told me that it was her favorite, I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I discovered that women were the number one demographic coming, and telling me how much they liked this book.  To give you some more insight, this book is really a modern day story of Samson, with a few new twists. One being, that the main character's only one focus; is to get to and protect his adult daughter. The story is also about forgiving and moving on in our lives. If you are interested in checking out this book, click the link below.

Here is the Promo for the Book

Happy Sunday and always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone.
G. D. Talbot

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