Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Interview with D.G. Shipton

What is your name and/or pen name? 

D.G. Shipton 

What genre do you write? 

I write Science Fiction / Fantasy. 

What made you want to be a writer? 

I have enjoyed reading since I was young child. I have always been an imaginative person. I began writing as a hobby when I was in the second or third grade.  I think we were told to write a story then, and I loved the assignment. 

How do you feel about the writing community as a whole? 

I have found a lot of support and strength from being in a couple of online writers’ groups.  I learned a lot about the ins and outs of writing and working toward publishing of my book. 

Have you or will you be willing to collaborate with other authors in the future?  

I haven’t ever really thought about working with someone else on a book before.  I think working in a group sharing editing and advice is a great thing.  I just have never really thought about working in collaboration with anyone at this time. 

Tell us about your book and if it’s upcoming or already published.            

My book, “DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA” is a futuristic, space science-fiction/fantasy story.  The story is based in a future where humanity has been given a second chance at living in a new solar system.  In this future a group of Fidelian Knights are trying to keep faith and preserve humanity’s knowledge.

DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA,” centers around Skylar, a boy who is a knight trainee, his cousin, and their friends.  They become stranded on a world trying to remain at peace and out of a war with evil forces that want to control the planets of the Elysium System of planets.  On the planet of Hyperborea, they must fight the enemy Varangian forces, and an evil witch.  They also are confronted with a legend of dragons.  Together they must strive to help the planet and try to find their way back to the safety of their own forces. 

Is your book or upcoming book an eBook, paperback, or both? 

The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook through most online retail sources.  I originally released only through Kindle, and Createspace in July of 2017.  I reformatted the book and rereleased it more openly through Ingramspark in May of this year. 

Is this your first book? 

Yes, this is the first book I’ve ever published.  DRAGONS OF HYPERBOREA” has become the first of a series as well.  I’m calling the series “The Fidelian Knights Series”. 

Are you planning to write more? 

I currently have a couple of books in process. 

First, I have a second book in “The Fidelian Knight Series:  AVALON ONE” which I am hoping to have out by the fall of 2018. This second book follows Skylar to the home of the Fidelian Knights and confronts his own family’s history and could determine if he remains a Knight in training.

I am also working on a science/fiction fantasy book, “FOREST OF AZTALAN,” which is about a young girl who joins her parents in search of an ancient American city and the possible treasure. 

Is there anything you would say to other writers, that want to write and publish a book?

Keep writing.  Write what you enjoy, and don’t let others discourage you.  Understand the difference between helpful criticism and those who just want to rain on your parade.  Write because it’s a passion and joy, not to worry about getting paid.  And, edit, edit, edit.  We may not love editing, but without it a good story can be easily ruined.

Where can my readers find your book and how they can follow you on social media? Leave only links that you want open to the public. 

You can find the book available in hardcover through Barnes and Noble, paperback at most online distributors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many local book stores.  The eBook is available through all major distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple. 

You can keep up with my thoughts on life, and upcoming projects through my Website:

You can also follow me on Twitter @dgshipton

and on my FaceBook Page: D.G. Shipton

Thank you so much for sharing with us D.G. Creating other worlds and universes is the center of every Science Fiction and Fantasy writer’s inspiration, and your books sound like a great read that does just that. Make sure to check out D.G. books or follow him by using the links above.

            As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
            G. D. Talbot

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