Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Interview With Anita Burkett

What is your name and/or pen name? 

My name is Anita Burkett. I started out with a pen name-Jada Elise Mitchell. I later saw the need to add my name. 

What genre do you write? 

I write religious non-fiction stories about events in my life. So far, I have written about grief and art. 

What made you want to be a writer? 

Actually, I never intended to be a writer or to write about my ‘personal business.’ Jesus laid it on my heart on a Sunday night at church to write about events mentioned in the first book. With each book I thought it was the last. 

How do you feel about the writing community as a whole? 

I am proud to be a part of it but there are many book subjects that are a world away from mine. Some I embrace and some I don’t. I love how some people will encourage you and give you much needed and helpful information. I have learned a lot but still have more to learn. Many others are the total opposite or somewhere in between.  I am thankful for the Christian writing group I am in which publishes on their site called MCWA. 

Have you or will you be willing to collaborate with other authors in the future? 

I don’t plan on writing with any other authors but it’s whatever Jesus leads me to do. 

Tell us about your book and if it’s upcoming or already published. 

My first book is called Mike and Me. It’s a guide to caring for the grieving and sensitivity training for the non-grieving. I felt led to write about the hurtful things that people say when they are trying to comfort you after a loss. My pastor suggested I write the things to say. I added them and the good times, blessings, and my paintings.

My second book is called After Mike and Me-A ‘Post Grief’ Journal-From Mourning to Joy. This writing has pictures and paintings. It is comical and heartwarming. I go forward in my journey but pause to reflect on my past.

My third book is called Art: A Book of My Paintings. It has over 50 paintings and tells about what Jesus has done for me. 

Is your book or upcoming book an eBook, paperback, or both? 

All my books are both in print and in eBook form. Two are free in Kindle Unlimited. 

Is this your first book? 

No. I have three books. Mike and Me, After Mike and Me, and Art: A Book of My Paintings. 

Are you planning to write more? 

Yes, I am writing a book now which is a collection of short stories of life events but with various topics. 

Is there anything you would say to other writers, that want to write and publish a book? 

I would like to tell new writers to not give up, write what you are passionate about. Sadly, don’t expect all family and friends to support you. 

Where can my readers find your book and how they can follow you on social media? Leave only links that you want open to the public. 

All my books are available on Amazon or contact your local bookstore.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Anita. I also feel that God has led me to write and I continue to do so, not really knowing where it will all end up.
I hope everyone will check out Anita's books or follow her on social media from the links above.

As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
G. D. Talbot

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