Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Man Drama - The Conversation

When I first wrote and then published Man Drama, a woman that I knew from my church came to me and told me, “I hate this book.” So I had to find out why and kept asking her questions, trying to get her to tell me but all she would say is that she hated it. So finally I explained if she doesn’t tell me what she didn’t like about it, I won’t be able to decide to make changes on how I write in the future. Finally she said look at the cover, look at that title. I said, ok what else and she said that’s it. I asked her, have you read the book yet and she said, “No I wouldn’t read a book with a title like that.”

At this point I just stared at her thinking to myself; you literally judge my book by its cover. She broke the silence between us and asked, “What didn’t you call it woman drama?” I then explained to her that the main character was a man. So she asked next, “How would you feel if someone wrote a book called Woman Drama?” Well this led me into a ramble where I was saying and asking, that would be great. Do you think someone would write it at a Christian point of view? Wouldn’t it be great if a woman Christian author wrote it? Maybe if someone did they would do a book promotion with me to show the differences in the books. At this point the woman got annoyed, turned away, and wouldn’t talk to me anymore.

The point I’m trying to make here is that. One, never judge a book by its cover, it’s ok to not be interested in a book because of its cover but never judge the books interior because of it. Two, everyone that has read the book completely and talked to me about it, said they loved it. If I would have let this woman affect me, I might not have continued my writing career and continued writing entertaining books. Never let someone else’s view of the world change yours. As I have said on many occasions, “Write the story you want to hear and don’t conform to the world. Make the world conform around you. There will always be people that will like your books. The problem will not be writing them but finding the people.”

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As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
G. D. Talbot

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