Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Having a Business Card is a Must Have for Authors

Having a business card as an author is a must have. I remember when I first started writing I would tell people that followed me on line and actually knew me in real life. That I had published a book and if they wanted to see it to look it up on Amazon.  I would also tell them my pen name was G. D. Talbot and they would still go to Amazon and look for me under my real name Greg Talbot. Of course Greg Talbot hadn’t published and now they couldn’t connect with any of my books. So now I tell authors that it is a must have to make a business card and always have they on you. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked for information on one of my books and I didn’t have a business card in my pocket. Well now I have gotten to a point where I am going to be making a new set of business cards. I have learned a lot since making the last ones, so of course I redesigned them. The front and back for the new one are below. Please tell me what you think of them and if you have a picture of your business card, put it in the comments below. And always, happy reading and writing to you.😸

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