Friday, June 22, 2018

#PBPitch Event Was Yesterday, Sorry.

#PBPitch was yesterday. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it mean Picture Book Pitch. This event, obviously from its name is for pitching unpublished picture books to agents. It’s a lot like #PitMad but just for picture books. Here are the rules from
Pitch your PBs on twitter using #PBPitch.
Pitch manuscripts only ONCE in the morning and ONCE in the Evening. (Once before 2pm and once after.)
If you are an author/illustrator, you can attach an image to your PB manuscript pitch.
Include Subgenre # if it applies.
#NF = Nonfiction
#C= Concept
#L= Lyrical
#I= Interactive
Only agents and editors should FAVORITE a pitch.
If they do, check their submission guidelines (and do your research) before submitting to them.

The great part of this event, besides getting to read great story ideas, is that illustrators post some of their works. It’s nice to see something visual to writing, instead of just reading.

The disappointing part of the day was the very little involvement from agents. The hearts during the day yesterday were very far and few between. This is sad because there was a lot of great talent out there and pitching. I know that some agents like to go through the feed after the event and take their time reading every pitch. I hope that is what is happening this time.

Sorry to everyone that I didn’t give you all a heads up for this event. I didn’t hear about it in time to post, but I will be doing a post soon for #FaithPitch and #SFFpit. They are both coming up on June 28, 2018. Also if you would like to read my older post - Top 5 Results from Doing a Pitch Event, tap here.

As Always, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone
G. D. Talbot

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